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My publications

Books and Papers

Book Chapter ““Poland at the renewable energy policy crossroads: an incongruent Europeanization?” in Israel Solorio, Helge Jörgens (2017) “A Guide to the EU Renewable Energy Policy”.

Book Chapter “The Polish renewable energy and climate policies under the impact of the EU” in I. P. Karolewski, M. Sus (eds.) 2015 The Transformative Power of Europe. The Case of Poland eds. (with Andrzej Ceglarz).

Paper “Energy democratization? Societal aspects of de-carbonization in the German and Polish energy sectors“, ESPRi Working Paper No. 5 March 2015 (With Kacper Szulecki)

Paper “Possible ‘Contributions’ of European Energy Intensive Industries to the Global Climate Agreement”, Global Policy 2014, (with Anna Serzysko)

Paper “A Common Renewable Energy Policy in Europe? Explaining the German-Polish Policy Non-Convergence”, ESPRi Working Paper No.4, April 2014 (With Kacper Szulecki).

Book Misfit of Interests instead of the “Goodness of Fit”? Implementation of European Directives 2001/77/EC and 2009/28/EC in Poland”, (March 2013). Chapter_8

Paper “Poland and the European Climate Policy: An Uneasy Relationship”, e-Politikon, November 2013.

Paper  ‘Inverted’ Principal-Agent as a New Tool to Explain the Implementation of the European Renewable Energy Policy, (September 2011).


Analyses, Policy Papers and Reports

Perspectives “Action by China and India slows emissions growth, President Trump’s policies likely to cause US emissions to flatten” (with Niklas Höhne, et al)

Perspective “Facilitating Global Transition: The Role of Nationally Determined Contributions in Meeting the Long-Term Temperature Goal of the Paris Agreement” (with Bill Hare, et al)

Report Foot off the gas: Increased reliance on natural gas in the power sector risks an emissions lock-in“ June 2017 (with Jasmin Cantzler, et al.)

Report “Faster and Cleaner 2. Kick-starting global decarbonization: It only takes a few actors to get the ball rolling” April 2017 (with Markus Hagemann, et al.)

Technical Report “A stress test for coal in Europe under the Paris Agreement. Scientific goalposts for a coordinated phase-out and divestment” February 2017 (with Marcia Rocha, et al)

Report “Pursuing the 1.5°C Limit. Benefits and Opportunities” November 2016 (with Michiel Schaeffer, et al)

Technical Report “What does the Paris Climate Agreement mean for Finland and the European Union?” June 2016 (with Marcia Rocha, et al.)

Report “Implications of the Paris Agreement for coal use in the Power Sector” November 2016 (with Marcia Rocha, et al)

Analysis “Eine Option für den Emissionshandel nach 2020: Einbeziehung des Konsums emissionsintensiver Materialien” April 2016 (with Karsten Neuhoff, et al.)

Analysis “Polska polityka energetyczna i klimatyczna pod rządami PiS” [Polish energy policy according to PiS]. February 2016 (with Kacper Szulecki)

Analysis “Die polnische Energie- und Klimapolitik in der Verantwortung von PiS” [Polish energy policy according to PiS]. February 2016 (with Kacper Szulecki)

Conference Paper “Energy Union: From Idea to Reality”, December 2015 (with Kacper Szulecki and Karsten Neuhoff)

Report “Mitigation Commitments and Fair Effort Sharing in a New Comprehensive Climate Agreement Starting 2020″. December 2015 (with Jasmin Cantzler, Hanna Fekete, Markus Hagemann, Niklas Höhne, Daniel Kandy, Antje Kästner, Jan Kersting, Anja Köhne, Marie Lindberg, Florian Mersmann, Wolfgang Obergassel, Anne Siemons, Katja Schumacher, Hanna Wang-Helmreich, Timon Wehnert)

Contributing author to “UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2015″, Chapter 5 on the role of International Cooperative Initiatives in climate change mitigation

Policy Paper “Polish Energy Sector. Preparing for New Challenges” November 2015 (with Dr. Maciej Bukowski)

Report “Modernization and Innovation in the materials sector: lessons from steel and cement“, Climate Strategies, July 2015 ( with K. Neuhoff;  J. P. Ponssard; P. Quirion; N. Sabio; O. Sartor; M. Sato and A. Schopp).

Analysis “Niemiecka polityka energetyczna: dwa kroki naprzód, jeden krok w tył” [German energy policy: one step forward, two steps backward], Biuletyn Niemiecki (October 2014).

Analysis “Rozwój energii odnawialnych w Niemczech i w Polsce: Marsz w przeciwnych kierunkach?” [Polish and German energy policy: a march in opposite directions?], Biuletyn Niemiecki (January 2013).

Analysis “Niemiecka Polityka Klimatyczna i jej Uwarunkowania” [Factors influencing German climate policy], Biuletyn Niemiecki (November 2013).

Analysis  “Al-Qa’da in Saudi Arabia 2003 and 2004“, (October 2004).

Policy Paper “German-Polish Cooperation in Renewables: Towards Policy Convergence?“, November 2013, (with Kacper Szulecki).

Policy Paper “Understanding the Increase of energy efficiency in the Polish and German industry – for an effective EU ETS and a common industrial policy“, November 2013, (with Anna Serzysko).

Report “Energia lokalna czyli odnawialna? [Local energy meaning renewable energy?]“, December 2013, (with Kacper Szulecki).

Report “Does Local Energy Mean Renewable?“, June 2014 (with Kacper Szulecki).

Report “Steel Report: Carbon Control Post 2020 in Energy Intensive Industries“, October 2014, (with K.Neuhoff, W.Acworth, F.Branger, I. Christmas, M. Haussner, R. Ismer, A. van Rooij, O. Sartor, M. Sato and A. Schopp).

Report “Carbon Control and Competitiveness Post 2020: The Cement Report“, March 2014, (with K.Neuhoff; B. Vanderborght; A. Ancygier; A.T. Atasoy; M. Haussner; R. Ismer; B. Mack; JP. Ponssard; P. Quirion; A. van Rooij; N. Sabio; O. Sartor; M. Sato and A. Schopp).


Articles and selected Blog Entries

“Europe needs “coalition of the willing” to rescue its global leadership in the fight against climate change”, Energy Post, April 2016, (with Bill Hare).

US-Bundesstaaten: Die Labore der Energiewende” [U.S. States: The laboratories of the energy transition], neue energie, March 2016.

Auch ohne Klimaplan wird jetzt investiert” [The investment will continue even without Clean Power Plant – interview with Alvin Toffler], neue energie, March 2016.

Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten?!. US Energie- und Klimapolitik” [Unlimited opportunities?! US energy and climate policy], neue energie, March 2016.

Article “Ancygier: Piotr Naimski ma receptę jak zamienić polską energetykę w skansen” [Ancygier: Naimski has an idea how to change Polish power sector into a museum], Biznes Alert. 8 March 2016.

Article “Polen: Damoklesschwert Dekarbonisierung” Internationale Politik, 1 March 2016

Article “Porozumienie Paryskie a Sprawa Polska” [Paris Agreement and Poland] Czysta Energia, January 2016

Article “Poland’s Law and Justice party is losing its lustre” EurActiv, January 2016

Article “How Polish elites condemn the country to backwardness” EurActiv, December 2015

Article “Climate sceptic Poles should think again” Politico, November 2015

Article “The new Polish government’s energy policy: expect more State, less market” energy post, October 2015 (with Kacper Szulecki)

Article “Polen rückt nach rechts” [Poland moves to the right], neue energie, October 2015.

Article “Dunkle Wolken über dem Paradies. Brasiliens Regierung denkt über Kohle und Gas nach” [Black clouds over paradise. Brazilian government is reconsidering coal and natural gas], neue energie, August 2015.

Article “Am Scheideweg” [At the crossroads – energy policy in Finland], neue energie, May 2015.

Article “Transformacja energytczna po chińsku” [energy transformation in Chinese], Czysta energia, April 2015

Article “Decydujący rok dla Energiewende” [A decisive year for Energiewende], Czysta energia, March 2015.

Article “Polen: Überraschender Sieg für erneuerbare Energien” [Poland: A surprising victory for renewables], EurActiv, March 2015.

Article “Mit Wind und Sonne gegen Smogalarm” [With wind and sun against smog alarm] neue energie, March 2015.

Article “Polen beschließt Einspeisetarife” [Poland adopts feed-in tariffs], neue energie, February 2015

Article “Kurswechsel?” [The change of course?] neue energie, December 2014.

Article “Zgoda na cele 2030 – szansa, czy zagrożenie?” [Agreement on 2030 goals – a chance or a threat?] Czysta Energia, November 2014.

Article “Cele 2030 – Polska ponownie na dobrej drodze?” [Goals 2030 – Poland again on the good way?], Chrońmy Klimat, November 2014.

Article “Ein langer Marsch in die falsche Richtung” [A long march in the wrong direction], neue energie, November 2014.

Article “The 2030 targets: A game changer for Poland?” EurActiv, October 2014.

Article “O wirtualnej rzeczywistości klimatycznej EnergSys” [About the virtual reality of EnergSys] BiznesAlert, October 2014.

Article “Długa droga do harmonizacji systemów wsparcia” [A long way towards the harmonization of support mechanisms] Czysta Energia, October 2014.

Article “Wie regiert man Europa? “Polonisierung” der europäischen Energie- und Klimapolitik“,, September 2014.

Article “A black day for the EU’s climate policy“, EurActiv, September 2014.

Article “Der Mythos der übermächtigen Kohlelobby” [The myth of the powerful coal lobby], IPG-Journal, July 2014 (with Oldag Caspar)

Article “The ignored Potential” The European Circle, July 2014

Article “Polska głównym problemem europejskiej polityki klimatycznej” [Poland as the main problem of the European climate policy”, BiznesAlert, 4 June 2014.

Article “The choice of the Europeans and the future of Europe”, new energy, May 2014

Article “Energiewende – nowy straszak premiera” [Energy transition – a new bogey of Prime Minister Tusk], Czysta Energia, May 2014.

Article “Jakie cele do 2030?” [What goals until 2030?], January 2014

Article “Viel Kritik und Unverständnis. Wahrnehmung der Energiewende in Polen” [A lot of critic and misunderstandings. The perception of energy transition in Poland], KlimaKompakt Nr. 79, December 2013.

Article “Dyskusja klimatyczna: Mity dezindustrializacji” [Climate discussion: The Myths of Deindustrialization], Wysokie Napiecie, November 2013.

Article “Ohne deutsche Führung versagt die EU beim Klimaschutz” [Without German leadership the EU’s climate policy will fail] (with Kacper Szulecki), FocusOnline, November 2013.

Article “Klimazirkus” [climate circus], neue energie, December 2013.

Article “Das Schweigen aus Berlin” [The SIlence from Berlin], neue energie, December 2013.

Article “Kleines Land, große Pläne” [Small country, big plans: energy policy in Estonia and other baltic countries], neue energie, November 2013.

Article “Europas Bremser”, neue energie, May 2013 (with Isaac Bah, Sascha Renzing, Reiner Wandler and Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann).

Article “Playing with fire”, new energy, May 2013.

Article “Vom Primus zum Bremser”, neue energie, August 2013.

Article “Urnengrab”, neue energie, August 2013 (with Jörg-Rainer Zimmermann).

Blog Entry: “Without strong German leadership, the adoption of an ambitious renewable energy policy across Europe will be impossible.” Blog LSE, (with Kacper Szulecki).

Blog Entry: “Far from driving businesses away from Europe, EU climate policy has the potential to generate future growth for European industry“, Blog LSE.

Blog Entry: “O walce z wiatrakami i podrozach w czasie” [About the fight agains windmills and time travels], Blog “Odnawialny”.


Selected Conferences and Presentations:

Conference “Can renewables replace coal?“, Warsaw, 19 November 2015

Participation in the workshop for the representatives of the local communes and the Polish Ministry of Economy at the BMUB in Berlin, 9 December 2014. Presentation

Participation in the expert debate “Greening the Heartlands of Coal in Europe”, Berlin, 24 November 2014.

FVEE-Jahrestagung 2014, Podiumsdiskussion: Phasen der Energiewende in Europa, 6-7 November, 2014

Forum Czystej Energii, 14-16 October 2014, Poznań. Systemy aukcyjne w roznych krajach

Gesprächkreis DGAP “Auf dem Weg zu einer europäischen Energieunion. Was folgt aus dem polnischen Vorschlag?” [Towards the European Energy Union. What are the next steps?] Presentation

I Międzynarodowe Forum Ekologiczne (1st International Environmental Forum), 16-18 September 2014, Presentation.

8th ECPR General Conference, 3-6 September 2014, Presentation

“2nd Energy & Society Conference – Energy Transition as Societal Transition: Challanges from the Present and the Future”, 5 June 2014 Presentation

Participation as an expert in a debate “A Future Agenda for Eastern and Central Europe”, Budapest, May 30-31, 2014.

“Russia and Europe: Historical Experience and Strategic Partnership”, 25-26 April 2014. Presentation

If.E Innovationskongress 2014, Participation in the panel discussion “Nachhaltige Innovationen aus Sicht der jungen Generation” [Sustainable development from the perspective of the new generation]. 7 April 2014, Website.

oikos conference „Sustainable Energy for Europe“, 12-15 September 2013. Presentation

Konferencja Naukowa “Rozwój Wielkopolski” [Science Conference “Development of Greater Poland Voivodship”], 11 September 2013. Presentation


Quoted in (selected): 

Jesteśmy czerwoną wyspą na mapie Europy. Grozi nam blackout” [We are a red island on the map of Europe. We are threatened by a blackout], TVN24bis, 19 June 2016.

Video Interview “The Perfect Time for Action: The Climate Analysis”, Our Europe, 3 December 2015

Im więcej węgla, tym trudniej o kapitał. Eksperci krytycznie o kursie polskiego rządu” [The more coal, the more difficult it is to get the financing. Experts critical about the strategy of the Polish government], Deutsche Welle, 2 December 2015.

Polen stevent af op harde confrontatie met Brussel” [Poland is heading for confrontation with Brussels] Het Financieele Dagblad, 2 December 2015

Europe’s Coal Curtain Is Complicating the Climate Fight” Bloomberg, 1 December 2015

Gdańsk pod wodą i sorgo zamiast ziemniaków. Wszystko, co musisz wiedzieć przed szczytem w Paryżu” [Gdansk under water and sorghum instead of potatoes. All you need to know before the summit in Paris] TVN24, 29 November 2015.

Polen sucht Ärger” [Poland is looking for trouble] ZeitOnline, 26 October 2015

Polityce energetycznej PiS może szybko zabraknąć pary” BiznesAlert, 30 October 2015

Polish election could hit climate policy” ICIS, 26 October 2015

Germany likely to miss renewables goal with tenders system” ICIS, 17 September 2015

Renewables transition cost will ease over time” ICIS, 15 September 2015

Poland to continue opposing EU climate policy” ICIS, 16 June 2015

Grzegorz Wiśniewski “Dlaczego taniej oznacza drożej? Skutki monopolizacji rynku energii i erozji systemu wsparcia OZE” [Why cheaper means more expensive? The results of monopolization of the power markets and erosion of the support mechanism for RES]., 13.01.2015

Katarzyna Hejna-Modi “Samowystarczalna energetycznie wieś. To się opłaca!” [Energetically self-reliant village. It pays!], tvn24bis, 26 December 2014

Rafał Fabisiak “Zielona energia może być stabilna” [Green energy can be stable], PulsBiznesu, 7 November 2014

Alexandra Endres, “Nicht ohne Kohle”, Die Zeit, 31 October 2013.

Rafał Fabisiak, “Energia odnawialna w lokalnym ujęciu”, Puls Biznesu, 7 March 2014.

“Niemcy stawiają na wiatr i na słońce”, Polskie Radio, 22 September 2013.

Polen als Gastgeber des Weltklimagipfels in die Pflicht genommen“, Solarify, 8 November 2013.

Piotr Toborek, “Lokalne samorządy nie chcą energii atomowej, wolą słoneczną i wiatrową”, Portal Samorządowy, 28 March 2014.   

Grüner Fahrplan für ein Kohleland“, Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, 7 November 2013.

Energiewende nicht in Sicht“, Deutsche Welle, 24 April 2014.      

“Warschaus verrußte Energiepolitik“, Wirtschaftsblatt, 8 Mai 2014.       


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