Apr 05

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Prime Minister Tusk as the Chairman of the European Commission: A huge step towards a „nuclear Union“

DOnald TuskIt took longer than expected, but now even the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk understood that a nuclear power plant cannot be built without a significant (among others) financial help from the state’s budget.  So much about the “competitiveness” of the nuclear energy mentioned in the Nuclear Energy Program from 2010. After the declarations of Mr. Tusk concerning renewable sources of energy that he wouldn’t adopt a policy “only to satisfy a small group of investors” (see previous entry), shortly after the meeting with his long-time friend and (of course coincidentally) Chairman of the Polish Energy Group responsible for the realization of the Polish nuclear program, he declared that the support of the state, only on a larger scale and “also as far as the search for the sources of financing is concerned will be an obvious part of the project”.

Change of scenery: Brussels mid-2014. Leaders of the member countries have to decide who will take the most important posts in the EU: that of the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council. According to Hugo Brady Donald Tusk would be high on the list of the potential candidates. Poland as the “France of the East” would in this way be granted one of the two most important posts in the EU.

I think it is a high time that the member states that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 take more responsibility for leading the EU. But the posts shouldn’t be given to someone, who perceives Brussels merely as the source of money. Although Tusk does his best to sound “European”, at least in the area of energy he is strongly defending the narrow and short-term interests of the Polish conventional industry. His choice as the next president of the European Commission would turn the EU 40 years backwards, to times when the development of coal and nuclear energy was considered the main way of reducing energy dependency.

There are more “proved” Europeans than Tusk, even in his government. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski could do well as the next leader of the European diplomacy. Apart from that the former Polish President, Aleksander Kwasniewski, who played a decisive role in facilitating Poland’s membership in the EU would also do pretty good.

It’s a high time for the Eastern Europeans to take responsibility for managing the EU. This would increase the popularity of the EU among the populations of the countries that joined the EU only recently and so far consider it largely as a club of countries managed by the rich for the rich. But the choice should be made carefully. The person chosen should be able to act not only in the interests of old friends and not even in the interests of a single country, but in the interests of all over 500 million Europeans. Over the last 6 years Donald Tusk miserably failed on that point.

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